The 2012 Next Level Contractor Series Presents:

Web Marketing Battle Plan for Contractors

Forget Geek Speak, Confusion, and Overwhelm

3 LIVE courses, 1-hour each, set 1 week apart, all recorded for viewing later.

What this Training Event is NOT:

  • NOT for people who think deciphering web code is “fun”. This is for contractors who want “what works”.

  • NOT full of technical terms. Quite the opposite. Simple “Do this; don’t do that” with PROOF along the way.

  • NOT for people who want to spend their lives “figuring out” Social Media. This takes 10 minutes per day for maximum ROI.

What this Training Event IS:

  • For contractors who want to generate maximum proven results, in minimum time, with a PLAN to get it done quickly.




Web Marketing Supremacy – See a 3-Part Strategy any contractor can use to 1) Dominate the search engines, 2) Automate a 2-Step Lead Formula that generated a 406% lead increase in 30 days and, 3) Integrate on and offline marketing simply. These methods can work on ANY website.

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Social Media Frenzy – Instead of wasting time and brain cells "hoping" to score big in Social Media, let expert Rebecca Hussey turn on the social media spigot in 10 minutes a day. From the "correct" set up (which 90% of contractors do wrong!) to her "1-2-3" method of posting management, your Social Media marketing can blast past the competition.

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Your March to Victory – Other events expect you to "go home and figure it out." Yet here you're handed a step-by-step plan from $10k-a-day implementation guru, Steven Rowell, to "Get it Done" quickly and painlessly.

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For ONE tuition fee
of $47
Full Workbooks
Follow Up Training
Executive Summaries
And Get...

Driving Sales and Performance
with Drew Cameron

Total Customer Service Superiority
with Steve Coscia

Online Reviews and Revenue
with Mike Montano


“Outstanding! My brain is full. I’ll need a week to process all the information.”
Mark Koffer
Walker Water Systems, Inc.
Twin Falls, ID

“I want to thank you for coordinating The Next Level Contractor webinar series.  The sessions were excellent and you’ve given me plenty of homework to keep me busy – and keep me thinking of ways to improve my company’s business. Thanks again!”
Steve Casper
Gustave A. Larson Company
Pewaukee, WI

“Awesome. Eye-opening. Very informative, especially information on the latest internet marketing.”
Blaine A. Rydman
Blaze Air, Inc.
Winston Salem, NC

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